Benefits of Hammamtowels

Benefits MOCCO Hamamdoeken

MOCCO features

The hand-woven Turkish hammam towel ('Pestemal', 'Peshtemal' or 'Fouta') is an original hammam towel with a fine texture. We use yarns of 100% organic premium Turkish cotton. Due to the special weaving techniques they have a soft texture and a lot of absorbency. In addition, our hammam towels are pre-washed and post-treated. They are ready for use! These original and authentic Turkish hammam towels absorb much more moisture than a thick (terry) towel.

Our quick-drying hammam cloths are perfect for beach, sauna and swimming pool as a towel or pareo. Use them as a sarong, picnic blanket, beach dress, sling or tablecloth. Take them with you on all your trips, they do not take up much space in your suitcase.

Exclusive collection
Mocco expands the collection with new original designs and additional items that reinforce the collection of existing hammam towels. Mocco therefore brings a complete collection of beach, bath and home textiles.

Pure cotton
We use 100% organic (GOTS) premium Turkish cotton yarns, all our towels are of the highest quality and are both durable and soft.

Super soft
By using prewash and special post-treatment (without chemistry!) Our MOCCO products are much softer than the usual hammam towel and can be used at the same time (several prewashing is not necessary!)

Excellent quality
We buy the best 100% organic (GOTS) premium Turkish cotton. The hammam towels, plaids and bathrobes are based on traditional Turkish bath towels and are made using ancient techniques.

Our hammam towels and blankets are perfect for use on the beach, in the bathroom or in the home. Our quick-drying hammam towels are perfect for beach, sauna and swimming pool as a towel or pareo. Use the plaids as a picnic blanket, tablecloth or bedspread. The bathrobes are wonderful for the sauna or bathroom.

Super compact
Take MOCCO hammam towels with him on all your trips. It occupies five times less space than a regular bath towel. They weigh almost nothing. Not only convenient on travel, but also beautiful to see!

On average, each hammam towel (large) weighs 300 grams.

Quickly dry
MOCCO hammam towels dry very quickly compared to traditional towels, so you can say goodbye to regular towels in the bathroom.

Super absorbent
MOCCO hammam towels take just as much moisture on a regular towel.